At 19 years of age, Mikki is the epitome of ‘different’, but the good kind! 
     She’s used to being the “kid who likes the old stuff” and for as long as she could remember, she was inspired by an intense desire to master and recreate the old-school music of the roarin’ 1920s, swingin’ 30s, flashy 40s, and the fabulous 50s.
        Even at her young age, her attentive hard work and dedication to her profession have given her many prestigious opportunities and the honor of joining many notable artists on stage. With many thanks to the impressive musical masters she has had the opportunity to study under, she amassed the exposure to professionally perform as a solo artist across the West for nearing a decade.
        2013 was the year she began to form a band and starting as a duo and then a trio, and then a full band, she has learned to book according to the venue needs.
       Since the beginning of her ‘double digit’ years,  Mikki has also been heavily involved in Cowboy, Western and Silver Screen Cowboy music, and has collected many accolades and awards over her career in “vintage” music and songwriting, most notably, “Western Swing Album of the Year” by the WMA and RRC.
A few of her achievements are:
CSWM Rising Star Award
New Horizons Wrangler Award
CCG Performer of the Year
CCG Song of the Year (her original song, Texas Kerosene)
AWA Western Album of the Year (for Cowgirl Swing)-top 5
AWA Western Female Entertainer of the Year-top 5
AWA Album of the Year-top 5
AWA Song of the Year-top 5
NTBF Young Adult Fiction-2nd place (for her novel, Girls & Gunsmoke)
Grand Prize Winner of International Singing Contest (prize: Martin Guitar)

WMA Best of the Best Yodeler of the Year

WMA Best of the Best Harmony Award
for more information about Mikki, visit her personal website at: